Since 1971 Olympia Pumps represents excellence in manufacturing of pumps for industrial dishwasher machines. The founder, Olimpio Mazzucato, has given the company its imprint as an innovative leader in the design of a product that still today remains a point of reference on the world market. Each pump is the result of careful studies and is designed to meet specific needs of our customers regarding performance, size and appearance.

This way of working is the extraordinary element that expresses the great tradition of Italian design, with a high value-added specialization. The evolution of Olympia Pumps coincides with the growth of the whole market of professional kitchen equipment, supported by very strong relationships with specialized suppliers, which are leaders in various sectors of electrical and mechanical engineering and all situated in the productive territory of Italy.

During the past ten years the company has caught a great opportunity by opening its views and pointing the international market. The range of products for professional catering is completed by: pumps for washing and rinsing of industrial dishwasher machines, stainless steel pumps for the industrial- and medical sector, motors for industrial ovens and special motors for various applications of industrial machines in bars and restaurants.

The imprint of the founder in the new logo of Olympia Pumps contains the original features of its products: unique, recognizable and handmade with passion. A continuous laboratory of ideas; Olympia Pumps believe that it’s possible to satisfy the customer if you are an expert in what you are doing.