The final assembly of the products and the electrical and leaking tests are made in the plant located in Montegrotto Terme. The work of our subcontractors, the industry’s leading partners of specific processes such as the production of windings, motor shafts, plastic mouldings and die-cast aluminium, is of very big importance.

The company has a certified quality system and the quality office of incoming material is able to ensure the most accurate control of various outsourced production processes with a result of minimal defects. The various stages of final assembly are performed in an artisanal way by trained and competent workers and are monitored by production schedules that are able to track every single component used for each production batch.

The electrical and leaking tests are executed on 100% of the products produced. A copy of the testing certificate is given to the customer and another copy is kept within the company. The traditional artisanal character of the manufacturing allows considerable flexibility in production, quick changeover line and total customer satisfaction in terms of reactivity.