The company has an internal laboratory able to perform the following tests:

• characterization of the electric motor via DLT system - Dynamic Load Test: Torque Vs. speed; Electric power absorbed; mechanical power; efficiency Voltages, current, current unbalance, CosFI Torque/Speed oscillation Vs. Angular position Friction Torque No-Load Test and Increment temperature Test (Blocked rotor test) Automatic calculation of losses (Iron, friction, windage, stator and rotor winding,..)
• characterization of the pump: Capacity – Head, Electric power absorbed, hydraulic power, efficiency (total, just motor, just hydraulic section) Voltages, current, current unbalance, CosFI
• winding temperature increment: evidence of overheating in accordance with regulatory requirements
• life tests: proof of life according to the specific use of the final customer
• test pressure / flow rate, temperature and life directly on the customer’s machine (dishwasher, convetion oven). This test helps to identify the best solution for a specific machine.