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Industrial dishwasher pumps & motors

In the plant located in Montegrotto Terme are made final assembly , electrical and leaking test.
Of crucial importance is the work of Olympia subcontractors, industries leading partners for specific processes such as the production of windings , motor shafts , plastic molding and die-casting aluminum .
The company has a certified quality system and an office quality of incoming materials capable of ensuring the most careful control of various production processes outsourced and resulting in minimal defects.
The various stages of final assembly are performed in the artisanal way by trained workers and are monitored by production boards that are able to track the various components used for each production batch.
They run at 100% electrical test and leak test . A copy of the inspection certificate is given to the customer and a copy kept by the quality system within the company.
The traditional character of the entire production allows considerable flexibility in production , fast changeover line and total customer satisfaction in terms of reactivity.