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Industrial dishwasher pumps & motors


Olympia Pumps Srl

via N.Bixio, Montegrotto Terme (PD) Italia

Tel:+39 049 89 127 34 | +39 049 89 105 86


Olympia Pumps is present in the major markets of the world: Italy, Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania. Laboratory and production are wired for 50 and 60 Hz, the production system is so flexible and lean to offer small lots of production with special voltage. The delivery times are minimized thanks to the warehouse of raw materials and semi-finished always monitored through the network of supplier partners located in a short distance from the plant in Montegrotto Terme. The company may agree with the customer, and with the support of positive tests of life, special requests for product warranty in addition to the normal security law.


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